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In the United States, the plague of private prisons

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In the United States, when prison conditions are denounced, all eyes are often on those in effect in private prisons. This system of penitentiary establishments managed by private operators developed in the 1980s, in reaction to the sharp increase in the rate of imprisonment. And it is regularly the subject of strong criticism. President Joe Biden is determined to end it. He has just signed a decree to this effect, ordering his Ministry of Justice not to renew federal contracts with private operators. But others, before him, have broken their teeth there. What if it was just perlimpine powder? Explanations.

The Pennsylvania scandal

Of the nearly 1.5 million American prisoners in 2019, only 116,000, or about 8% of the prison population, are in private prisons. according to statistics from the Ministry of Justice. The peak was reached in 2012, with 137,220 individuals. Currently, in addition to the federal government, 32 US states use the system, and some, such as Montana, have up to 47% of their inmates in such facilities. The first prison managed by a private operator was established in Texas in 1984.

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