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In the cantons, mass screenings in dispersed order

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Bern is putting a billion francs on the table in 2021 to speed up the pace of covid analyzes throughout Switzerland. Objective: to cover 40% of the “mobile population”. However, what the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) now recommends, only Graubünden and Basle-Land are already applying, after several months of preparation. We are far from the big test offensive in Switzerland. In many cantons, collective screening in companies and schools is at the experimental stage. To date, 22 cantons – 17 German-speaking and 5 Latin-speaking – have informed the FOPH of their desire to increase their analytical capacities.

Graubünden, which started their first pilot tests in December, has recently been testing up to 50,000 people each week, or a quarter (25%) of the total population of 200,000 and almost 40% of the “mobile population”. “. Some 20,000 students and employees of more than 1,000 companies send saliva samples to the lab every week. This is worth the Alpine canton to be cited as a model. Why, therefore, are there not more cantons in Switzerland following this path?

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