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In the canton of Vaud, the Greens will launch an initiative to save the Mormont hill

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Meeting in an extraordinary general assembly, the Vaudois Greens decided Thursday evening to mandate their management to launch a cantonal popular initiative to “save Mormont and urge municipalities and Canton to promote alternatives to cement in their constructions”.

This initiative must be launched “with all the actors and all the interested political and associative actors”, indicates the party in a press release.

The young Vaudois Greens are calling for the resignation of their State Councilor Béatrice Métraux. They accuse him of not having implemented anything to prevent the extension of the career. The party leadership reiterates its support for his minister and calls for calm the game.

“Béatrice Métraux discredits the forces of the left,” they wrote in a press release on Friday. Young environmentalists say they are “aware of the constraints inherent in its function”, but they deplore its approach to this issue “based exclusively on mediation between parties”. In doing so, it “places the defense of the environment, a common good, and the pursuit of private interests at a level of equal importance”.

Two people are still in the trees

The police evacuated this week the militants who had occupied the Mormont hill since October. The “Zadists” intended to protect an ecosystem threatened with destruction according to them by the cement manufacturer Holcim who wishes to extend the quarry.

On Friday, two people still remained on the site, taking refuge in the trees. The supporters of the Zadistas denounce the attitude of the police, who allegedly deprived these people of water and took their sleeping bags and their food reserves. “The police refuse to help them and block the area from all outside aid,” the ZAD warned in a statement.

“This situation leaves the activists in a state of extreme fatigue and especially at risk of hypothermia and potentially fatal fall from about 15 meters high.”

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Vaud police confirmed by tweet and press release that the two activists spent the night in their hammocks and that negotiations are continuing. “Currently, they refuse to come down but are safe,” she says.

During the intervention, the police explained that they “were able to seize their personal effects while ensuring that they were safe. The police never touched or cut the ropes in place ”. They have provided them with water and both have the option to descend with their rope at any time.

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