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In Suez, the container ship Ever Given is put “80% in the right direction”

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The container ship Ever Given, which has been blocking the Suez Canal for nearly a week, disrupting global maritime traffic, has been 80% returned “in the right direction,” said the Canal Authority (SCA) in a statement.

“The positioning of the ship has been restored to 80% in the right direction,” said Ossama Rabie, president of the SCA, quoted in the press release, before adding: “And the back of the ship moved away from 102 meters from the shore when he was only four meters away ”. Admiral Rabie announced the start of the “successful” refloating of the ship.

Suez Canal: optimism is in order despite still unsuccessful unblocking efforts

No return to traffic date yet

“The refloating maneuvers will resume when the water flow increases again from 11:30 am local (10:30 am in Switzerland)”, he said, adding that the water had to reach the sufficient level “in order to refloat completely the vessel so as to reposition it in the middle of the waterway ”.

Without giving details on the return to service of the waterway, the Egyptian official said that navigation would resume “as soon as the ship’s total refloating operations are completed, which will then be directed to the waiting area” to clear the canal. .

A distance from the west shore

The stern of the 400-meter-long, over 200,000-ton vessel has moved away from the west bank of the canal, the Vesselfinder and Myshiptracking maritime traffic viewing sites showed early Monday morning. This was confirmed to AFP by a source on condition of anonymity at the Suez Canal.

According to this person in charge of the canal, “the teams on site carried out technical checks and made sure that the ship’s engine was working”. Shortly before, a spokesperson for Shoei Kisen, the Japanese company that owns the ship, said the giant ship had “turned” but was not “floating” yet.

The cause of the incident, which occurred on March 23, was not yet specified on Monday. Admiral Rabie spoke of a possible “human error” at a press conference on Saturday. Previously, strong winds combined with a sandstorm had been singled out by different sources.

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