In Seville, Switzerland swells the sails of its “scientific diplomacy”

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Coming from Sicily, he barely had time to go up the Guadalquivir to Seville. But it will cast off again on Sunday to set off again in the opposite direction and cross the Mediterranean almost from end to end before taking the Suez Canal and ending in the Red Sea. Near the Swiss sailboat Fleur de Passion, the Transnational Red Sea Center (TRSC) on Thursday kicked off its first expedition, which consists of going to the bedside of the corals of the Red Sea. At the same time, the establishment of Swiss “scientific diplomacy” in the Middle East, announced in 2019 by Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis, is also beginning to materialize.

A small crowd gathered on the banks of the river, the mayor of Seville, officials from the Andalusia region, as well as a Swiss diplomatic delegation from Madrid: to be formal, the small ceremony nonetheless signed the return, for the Passion Flower, to her first Sevillian love, since it was from here that the sailboat had already left, in 2015, to accomplish a world Tour aimed at increasing awareness of the human impact on ocean health.