In Paris, the left torn by Audrey Pulvar

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It sounds like a failed act. As if politics, its ruthless rules, and the fight for small sentences that it generates had not yet entered the habits of the former television journalist, presenter on France 3 from 2005 to 2009.

When Audrey Pulvar answered questions from Apolline de Malherbe on BFM TV on Saturday March 27, the tone was friendly. The political interviewer knows that her interlocutor, head of the socialist list for the regional elections of June 13 and 20 – if they are not postponed because of the pandemic – in Ile-de-France, is used to the exercise. Then comes the question that makes everything go wrong. Asked about issues of racial discrimination, the former companion of the PS Minister Arnaud Montebourg takes the risk of shocking about the attitude to be observed in the working groups where victims of racism come to testify: “If comes to this workshop a white woman or a white man, there is no question of throwing him or her outside, on the other hand we can ask him to be silent, to be a spectator or silent spectator. “