In Gstaad, gastronomy comes to the ski slopes

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Usually, when a professional takes the gondola to work, it is with helmet, poles and skis. Marcus G. Lindner and his team rather embark chef’s hat, knives and pans. The one who guided the hotel restaurant Alpina Gstaad towards the Michelin star takes over the mountain restaurant Eggli to project it on the track of high gastronomy.

The Austrian chef aims to go beyond the tradition that would confine fine dining to the resorts: “My goal is to bring the quality that exists in Gstaad to the mountains. One of my first projects, for example, is to help design the kitchen for the new mountain restaurant. There will be a mix of high quality culinary offerings and simple, down to earth dishes. ” To reserve a table, just pull out your smartphone and Mindful app, invaluable for discovering and enjoying the whole of the Gstaad destination.

Gastronomic surprises

If a star is now clinging to the slopes of the Eggli, the entire Gstaad destination is full of gastronomic addresses. The village of Oberland counts a hundred addresses, with extremely diverse culinary specialties. Among the high places, the Mountain peak, restaurant at Alpina Gstaad, is a must. “More miso, less oil and vinegar”, repeats chef Martin Göschel, who melts the taste buds with his grilled green asparagus, glazed with fermented “Alpina honey”. Another gifted person: Francesco de Bartolomeis. At Leonard’s, at the Grand Bellevue, its sea bass in a salt crust makes your mouth water … For a smooth hot chocolate, a cinnamon tea by the fire or a few comforting pastries, cafes and tea rooms, such as Delight in Saanen or on Charly’s in Gstaad, turn out to be real cocoons.

Beginning in ski touring

If the Gstaad alpine ski area is beautiful, lovers of the great outdoors are in paradise. A multitude of hiking trails cross dozens of snowshoe trails. To get away from the trails, there’s nothing like cross-country skiing. Between the Col du Pillon and Zweisimmen, no less than 77 courses are offered to snowshoes and sealskin enthusiasts… Departing from Schönried, a very nice outing combines mountain pastures covered with their thick blanket of snow and undergrowth. Departing from the Rellerli mountain, the route makes a series of large switchbacks – enough to exercise your conversions.

Refined mountain huts

The region concentrates dozens of mountain restaurants where you can savor local products. The Berghaus perforated panel, on the heights of Saanenmöser, thus offers its platters of dried meats, sausages and cheeses accompanied by skewers of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. For an immersion in the heart of pastoral activity, go to Michel’s Stallbeizli. Here, the cheese crust is spiced up with Lenk’s blue and the Saanenland-Simmental beer fondue combines local cheeses and pieces of dried meat from the surroundings. All with a view of the barn and its cows sheltering while waiting for the return of sunny days! Another warmth awaits customers from many hotels on their return to the village: that of hammams, saunas, jacuzzis and other spas that these establishments offer those who stay at home. What to find calm after the day in the cold, before reconnecting with the beautiful tables of Gstaad.