In Geneva, wild animals bite and theaters reopen

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A deliverance. Monday evening, the Pocket in Geneva was a den and the spectator a wolf. Masked as it should be, we stared at each other, as if we couldn’t get over finding ourselves there, six months after the announcement of the theaters’ closure. On the pavement, at the entrance to the theater, Mathieu Bertholet, director of the house, head of the pack watch over the elected officials who rush into the lair: 43 people, he confided later. All there to reconnect with the evening game, this pleasure of tasting a strange and familiar language, of feeling the stranger who is your neighbor vibrate.

All in the mouth of the wolf. The Romand rooms reopen. Not all of them, however. For some, the stake is not worth the candle. The rule is too restrictive: they are only entitled to a third of their tonnage, up to 50 people. At Poche, there was no question of balking. Since October, a set of six comedians hired for the season has repeated all the shows on the bill, as if nothing had happened. Mathieu Bertholet thus sharpened Drops of water on hot stone, according to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, to see from Wednesday – but full. Anne bisang, she pushed four actresses and actors into the ropes of a domestic fist fight.