In Geneva, four candidates for a seat

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Four candidates for a seat. The complementary election to the Geneva Council of State, on March 28, promises to be close. The Verte Fabienne Fischer, who finished first in the first lap, is seen as the favorite. To his 30% of the first round will be added the 5% of the far left candidate as well as the votes of the PLR ​​and the centrists who want to see the heels of Pierre Maudet.

The “useful vote” is an argument that works both ways. The 15.6% of the PLR ​​Cyril Aellen, who withdrew after the first round, is the nest egg on which the other three candidates will try to get their hands. With 23%, the former PLR Pierre Maudet is in the best position to achieve this. If he wins some of these votes, he will still have to seduce voters who did not mobilize on Sunday March 7 or who supported one of the many candidacies on the right.