In Geneva, Claude-Inga Barbey bewitches the Pavillon de la danse

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A flight. Wings were needed to inaugurate the Pavillon de la danse in Geneva, the stronghold of the ADC – Association for contemporary dance. A poetic boomerang was needed, a seemingly capricious trajectory, underpinned by the magic of a presence in reality. A shaman was needed, hey, traveler without borders, and she was there, embodied by the actress Claude-Inga Barbey, unrecognizable in her night of clairvoyance, so far from her comic character of shrink in the videos she signs for Time.

Tuesday evening, we experienced this, therefore, Place Sturm, behind the Russian church and its seductive domes, two strides from the Old Town. On the sand, at dusk, 50 blessed – not one more, in accordance with the rule – flock to discover this theater folded like an accordion, its hall studded with stars – forest of light bulbs designed by the artist Rudy Deceliere – and its 193-seat room. All were there to taste the eighth episode of the theatrical series You are here.