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In Geneva, a new refreshment bar makes its nest in the Bois de la Bâtie

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The Geneva municipal authorities have budgeted around 15 million francs to provide a “revitalization” of the Bois de la Bâtie, a place for walks and sports, a square of nature in the heart of the city. Started in 2019, the works concern the pathways, lighting, street furniture and forest regeneration.

On this wooded hill, popular in particular by families for its animal park, two paddling pools will also be created as well as a large forest-themed playground, with its hedgehog hut, rabbit burrows and tower. slide almost 10 meters high.

To keep access to the park, the work is progressing by sectors. Just before the leisure area for families, which is scheduled to open before the summer, the refreshment bar has just started to welcome curious walkers. Sadara is the name chosen by a team of managers made up of Quentin Higgins, globetrotter trained at the Hotel School, and Virginie morillo, visual artist known from Geneva nights and artistic director of bar Chez Jean-Luc. For her, Sadara evokes “both a wooden witch and an imaginary oasis”.

While waiting for the official inauguration, when the sanitary measures will allow to enjoy the terrace as well as musical entertainment, the refreshment bar starts discreetly. “With this soft opening, we can gradually test our proposals. To meet the expectations of a very large audience, the cuisine must be simple and fresh, ”explains Aziadé, the young chef who collaborates in the preparation of the menu.

“We started with an Asian-flavored salad,” she says, “the next week we had fun revisiting the cervelas salad. This week we are offering a Korean version hot dog (above), garnished with fermented radish, cilantro and crispy fried onions. “

“The sausages come from a farm in Puplinge, the bread from the Paganel bakery, our goat and sheep cheeses from La Touvière,” explains Virginie. We exclusively honor small local producers, from winegrowers to roasters. Cakes, syrups, jams and flavored waters of the moment are homemade. ”

Sadara refreshment bar, chemin de la Bâtie 20, tel. 079 397 33 39. Find all the articles in the “One day, an idea“.

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