In Geneva, a first test for the Left Council of State

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The Geneva Council of State changes its majority. By choosing the Green Fabienne Fischer to replace the ex-PLR Pierre Maudet, the Genevans have tilted their government to the left, for the second time since the post-war period. This shift is not only symbolic. It will have concrete consequences on the policies proposed by the Council of State. We think first of all about environmental action. But we have seen it: on the left, the discourse links ecological crisis and social crisis. We must therefore expect, more broadly, a renewed Council of State which will take firm positions on development model issues for Geneva.

This election is in line with the votes of Genevans in the last major ballots, at all levels. Minimum wage, pension fund for civil servants, responsible multinationals, wearing of the burqa, federal elections: the overthrow of the Council of State is the result of a dynamic which has regularly carried the Geneva left to victory. To those who pretend to fear a red peril, it will be recalled that the composition of the Grand Council has not changed and that its distribution into three blocks does not ensure automatic gain for either side.

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Six magistrates now have seven departments within the Council of State. The forthcoming reorganization will probably relieve Mauro Poggia and Nathalie Fontanet of the departments they assume following the sanctions imposed on Pierre Maudet. It is probable that Fabienne Fischer inherits a department which brings together economy and employment. If this is true, the Green will work very directly with the electorate of Pierre Maudet, made up in particular of entrepreneurs and actors of the Geneva economy. It will therefore be up to her to initiate in the name of the Council of State this necessary gesture in democracy: to reach out to the 34% of the population who thought that the independent was the best placed to redress the canton.

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This sign will be a first test for the new State Councilor. Jobs will be at the heart of the way out of the crisis that everyone is waiting for. Fabienne Fischer will have to listen to those who create them. This gesture will also provide information on his independence of mind. As elected, will she be able to emancipate herself from the camp that brought her to power in order to act for the common good? Response from April 29, date of his entry into office.