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In Friborg, the rebirth of EMS Saint-Martin

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A half-open beehive from which fly foraging bees, eager for sun, nectar and life. This is how the director of EMS Saint-Martin, in Cottens, describes the metempsychosis operated on Monday in its walls. After having vaccinated almost all of its 105 residents, the establishment in the Friborg countryside was finally able to loosen the health straitjacket in which it had been living for a year. Common meals, room visits, not to mention the very popular lotto: life from before is gradually resuming its rights to Covid-19, to the delight of residents.

The clicking of cutlery echoes in the vast dining room bathed in light. He barely covers the hubbub of heated discussions. Months that such a scene had not taken place, observes the staff, still masked despite the vaccine, which zigzags between the tables to serve skewers of beef and sautéed carrots accompanied by butterflies in butter. At 92, Marie-Thérèse Jordan does not seem confused by the effervescence of lunch. At her usual table, she found her neighbor cutlery and accomplice Robert Corpataux, 86 years old. She was a “farmer’s wife” in Romont, he was a miller in Matran. Attached to the land and to their region like most of the residents, both today toast the early arrival of spring, but especially the upcoming visits of their loved ones.

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