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In Friborg, the judicial summer will be hotter than the climate

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There are more and more climatic trials. And they are growing. At the end of May, Friborg will host the largest investigation of its kind: 32 defendants indicted for contravention of the law on the public domain, contravention of police orders, disturbance of the peace and the offense of “constraint”, an offense punishable by a penalty of up to ‘to 3 years in prison. A press conference held by the defense announced the contours of the hearing on Wednesday.

Scientists to the rescue

Dozens of activists dressed in red wave a “block friday” sign under the illuminated “Friborg center” sign. And block the road to consumers to denounce overconsumption. Occurring during Black Friday in November 2019, the scene leads to about fifty convictions by criminal order. Some convicts accept their fine, in the order of 500 francs. The others appeal.

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