In France, with “the affair of the century”, justice becomes the weapon of the climate

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“Justice has just recognized that the state’s climate inaction is illegal, that it is a fault, which engages its responsibility. It’s a historic victory! ” This morning of Wednesday February 3 will go down in the annals for the environmental protection associations, French and international. By obtaining the condemnation of the French state for “faulty failure” in its “climate inaction”, the four organizations (Notre affaires à tous, Greenpeace, Oxfam and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation) at the origin of the petition – more than two million signatures – then the legal action lodged with the Administrative Court of Paris on March 14, 2019, were successful in the form of a springboard.

Each compensated by a symbolic euro, the four complainant associations obtained what they were looking for: recognition by the judges of the “fault” and “moral prejudice” constituted by the non-respect by France of its commitments to reduction of greenhouse gases over the period 2015-2018.