In football, Brexit ends the exodus of young talent

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“Without lying to you, I can’t wait for this match!” For Alexandre Jankewitz, the Under-21 Euro begins almost with a derby. The Swiss team faces England this Thursday, where the midfielder born in Vevey (Vaud) has been chasing his high-level dream since the summer of 2018. He then left the hopes of Servette for those of Southampton at the age only 16 years old.

Difficult choice? No: almost obvious. “I was really won over by the project that was presented to me. The club sent people to see me several times, they put the emphasis on the players they had revealed and how they really believed in me. ” On the spot, he is not disappointed. “You are 16 but you already live almost like a pro. Everything is at your disposal to progress, to train you in a specific way. And my integration was facilitated by the presence of several other young francophones with whom we quickly helped each other. ”