In Burma, pots and pans and courage against the junta

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He saw it all from his window on Saturday. It is around 10 p.m. when Alexandre * hears screams coming from the street. “I saw about forty people from the neighborhood who were moving in all directions. They surrounded a police car to prevent arrests, ”testifies this Swiss resident in Rangoon, the main city of Burma. The pots struck every evening at 8 p.m. in protest against the coup d’état have turned into an alarm system. “Despite the curfew, residents patrol my street all night. As soon as they spot suspicious activity, the pots resonate. ” Because since the putsch of February 1, something has changed in the determination of the authorities to muzzle the protest.

The tipping point, in the eyes of Alexander, occurs on Friday, February 12. On the occasion of the Feast of the Union of Myanmar, the new masters of the country amnesty 23,000 prisoners of common law. Released in the wild, they would have been instructed to terrorize the population. “The very next day, we saw the arson increase live on Facebook. The inhabitants caught some of the arsonists ”, relates the expatriate. Several would have received drugs and money before taking action, he says, while specifying that a lot of information is difficult to verify – all the more so with the nightly cuts of the internet that have followed one another since Sunday.