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IBM behind the very first 2nm chip!

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The US computer giant recently unveiled its latest innovation. They are the first 2nm chip. More efficient at the same consumption, it is usually less energy intensive and has increased autonomy compared to current 7 nm chips.

Impressive features

Currently, the semiconductor industry is experiencing a severe crisis due to a shortage. While it is currently very difficult for some companies to meet demand, IBM has unveiled its latest innovation in a statement published on May 6, 2021. It is about the very first 2 nm microprocessor chip, and this one could well represent a small revolution in the field.

Currently and for two years now, 7 nm chips are the most common on the market. However, IBM promises that its chip consumes 75% less energy than the others. Using as much energy as the 7nm chips, the 2nm chips could have 45% higher performance. Moreover, their autonomy would be four times higher.

IBM also mentioned another exploit, namely that of having integrated 50 billion transistors on a chip the size of a fingernail. According to the giant, considering that a nail has an area of ​​approximately 150 square millimeters, the chip in 2 minutes would then consist of 333 million transistors per square millimeter (MTr / mm2).

Credit: IBM

A chip with many perspectives

Let’s go to a little comparison. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) – which we mentioned recently in an article on water scarcity – used its technology in the design of the M1 (Apple) and Kirin 9000 (Huawei) chips. Released at the end of 2020, these chips are engraved in 5 nm. Let us mention all the same that TSMC is also working on 2 nm chips and is preparing to market chips in 3 nm and 4 nm.

According to IBM, the 2nm chip should benefit data centers in terms of energy efficiency. We can also mention important interests in space exploration, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, 5G or even 6G. In any case, IBM is striking a big blow on the electronic chip market, while the current crisis is raging.

Indeed, the hour is barely, in particular for the South Korean Samsung, having postponed the production of its Galaxy Note to next year, while the United States (as well as China) try to limit the breakage by investing and relocating massively. In addition, China would be four years behind the market leaders and the latest chip from IBM thus raises the bar even higher!


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