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Hunted by the United States, the Swiss hacker faces 20 years in prison

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Till Kottmann is 21 years old. In theory, he risks spending as many years in prison. On the night of Thursday to Friday, the American justice published its indictment. The Lucerne hacker is charged with “conspiracy, electronic fraud and aggravated identity theft”, which could earn him a 20-year prison sentence. The recent and publicized hack of 150,000 security cameras of the Californian company Verkada is only part of the accusations against the young man: he is suspected by the United States of having hacked dozens of companies, but also US government agencies.

The world discovered these days Till Kottmann, after his dissemination of images stolen from Tesla factories, hospitals and even American prisons, through the hack of Verkada. The hacker had publicly admitted the facts, claiming “a lot of curiosity, the fight for freedom of information and against intellectual property, a huge dose of anti-capitalism and a hint of anarchism”. A week ago, the Lucerne police searched his home and the hacker has not spoken since.

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