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How to locate a cell phone?

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Mobile phone theft is more and more frequent, applications allowing to geolocate your mobile phone are more and more common and are also very useful in case of loss. Telephone operators have the ability to assess the distance between each cell phone and obtain their geographic coordinates on a map using satellite reception. These data are of course secure. Each “author” of a geolocation application, program or software repurchases this data to present it in the form of a map. If your phone has been stolen from you, and if you have registered your passwords on sites (shopping, Facebook, orange, free …), remember to change your passwords above all!

Locate someone’s cell phone????

Technically, only mobile phone operators can locate a device using Cell-Id technology.
In fact, only the gendarmerie can ask for this information, upon judicial requisition. Note that it is illegal to attempt to locate a person without their consent!
In the paragraphs below, it is explained how to be able to legally locate your own mobile phone:

iPhone / iPad under iOS

-For iPhone users, Apple has provided a (free) application called simply “Find My” . Just install it on another device that works with iOS and log in with your Apple ID to “trace” your phone on a map. The app also allows you to remotely lock and secure or erase your personal data. Also works with iPad, iPod touch, Mac
-By connecting to you will be able to view your device on a map.
Find My is a web application available at that you can use to locate any lost iOS device or Mac computer that you have configured to work with Find My.
You can use the Find My app to:

  • See the position of your devices on a map;
  • Lock and track the location of your iOS 6 device using Lost Mode;
  • Lock your iOS 5 device or Mac computer;
  • Ring your device;
  • Erase your device information.

Prey is an alternative software that can be used on Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Linux, MacOs allowing you to locate your device, take photos, lock the device …

Samsung Mobiles

You must use the Mobile Tracker Samsung Dive free software which allows you to locate your phone and block the data from your phone remotely. The Samsung mobile tracker (Samsung Dive) is free and allows you to both locate your Samsung brand phone and simultaneously block the information and data contained in it.

Blackberry under RIM

BlackBerry Protect is designed to help you find your BlackBerry smartphone if you ever lose it and keep the data on it safe.

For BlackBerry® 10 smartphones, BlackBerry Protect functionality is built into the operating system. For smartphones based on BlackBerry® 7, BlackBerry® 6 and earlier versions of BlackBerry® Device Software operating systems, BlackBerry Protect is a free application that you can download to your smartphone.


You just need to go to the Google play to find a smartphone geolocation application using the Android operating system. For example, for the application: Find my phone !, install it on the mobile, create an account and indicate the phone number corresponding to the desired device.

Android Device Manager recognizes devices (smartphones and tablets) that you connect to your computer using your Gmail address and allows you to locate them on Google Maps. The tool also allows you to erase all data on your device, once it is detected, from the site offered by Google -Here-. It can also make your phone ring for 5 minutes at full volume, even if it is vibrating or silent. To do this, you must have configured the telephone beforehand (activate the service in question).

Otherwise there are many other software like:
Prey is an alternative software that can be used on Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Linux, MacOs allowing you to locate your device, take photos, lock the device …


This free service, accessible in the My Phone section of from a computer connected to the Internet, allows you to ring, lock and locate your phone on a map, as well as erase its content. The Find My Phone service helps you find your phone or prevent others from using it without your permission.

Location procedure:

  • On your computer, open an Internet browser, and then go to
  • Go to the My Phone drop-down menu at the top right corner of the screen, then sign in with the Windows Live ID you use on your phone.
  • From the My Phone menu, click Find My Phone.
  • Follow the procedure then

For more information read this Microsoft link

Ring a Silent or Vibrate Phone

If you think your device is nearby, you can ring it to help find it even if it’s on silent / vibrate.
For Blackberry phones use BlackBerry Protect software.
On Apple devices use Find My.
On Windows Phones use the option locate my phone from the Microsoft site.
For Android phones, use for example Android device Management.

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