how to explain the appearance of wrinkles?

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One of the most obvious signs of a person’s age is the skin, and more specifically wrinkles. Throughout our life, our skin evolves at the same time as us through the classic periods of the evolution of a human being. Childhood, puberty, menopause, but also the environment and the way we take care of it (or not), our skin reveals more things about us than we might think.

How do wrinkles form?

Main signs of skin aging, wrinkles are integral part of our physical evolution as human beings. And if some seem “privileged” by the genetic lottery by displaying a face very little marked by wrinkles, others have more of these marks of time. How to explain the appearance of wrinkles?

A summer tan, buttons, a reaction allergic, have the skin exposed to the Pollution … These events are part of life and depend on external factors– which certainly have an impact on the way the skin ages – but do not fully define how our wrinkles are formed. In fact, a large portion of wrinkles come from our cellular heritage , and our facial expressions.

The first wrinkles to appear are therefore the consequence of our facial expressionslike the smile, the frown and the squinting . With age, our skin tends to dry out and decrease collagen production – which ensures the elasticity of the skin.

Actions and products recognized by science to preserve the skin


As for creams and treatments, hard not to get lost among the huge offer which quickly overwhelmed by dint of creams based on sometimes improbable products, under the guise of strategies marketingmore or less well felt.

As often in these cases to navigate, it is better to focus on some essentials of the composition of these products. We can in particular quote four which are recognized to be essential in these treatments which claim to be anti-wrinkle. Let us quote for example the vitamin C , who besides being antioxidant allows to keep an effect looking good by minimizing the appearance of spots.

Also, the hyaluronic acid creams like those of Dr Pierre Ricaud are recommended. Found naturally in the human body, hyaluronic acid can retain more than 1000 times its weight in water, and therefore has moisturizing abilitieswhich are essential to slow the appearance of wrinkles. But like collagen, its natural production decreases over time , which justifies its use in “anti-aging” creams.

Precisely, the collagen– whose role we have already mentioned earlier – is added to this list. He therefore gives back radiance to the skin , and offers a smoothing effect very useful for filling wrinkles. In addition, collagen is very effective in helping the skin to heal.

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The right actions to slow down the aging of the skin

Skin health also depends on everyday actions,whose effectiveness has for years been recognized by the scientific community. There are certain things that can influence the appearance of wrinkles and the appearance of the skin. Its aging being a inexorable change, however, we can make sure that it goes as well as possible!

It’s well known, We are what we eat . And today there is enough easily accessible information to know what is good and what is not for our organization in general. The sugar, tobacco, alcohol should therefore be avoided – or at least consumed sparingly – if you want to keep skin in perfect health. Promote anti-oxidant foods and above all to provide your body with a sufficiently large daily intake of wateris essential!

You should also take care of your skin, for example by limiting prolonged exposure to the sun , and taking good care to put on suitable sunscreen – at least an index of 30. Stress is an aggravating factor in the appearance of wrinkles and the degradation of skin texture, do whatever is necessary to relaxmay seem like a good option. And we don’t forget sleep, so important for health and yet so underestimated!

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