How does this controversial engineer try to help the United States military?

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In the United States, engineer and inventor Salvatore Pais is highly contested by his peers. Indeed on paper, his work is more of science fiction. Despite the skepticism of other scientific actors, the United States military has taken its proposals very seriously.

A theory: the Pais effect

Of inventions considered far-fetched by other scientists, this is what engineer and inventor Salvatore Pais proposes. He collaborates with the US Air Force and the US Navy by submitting ideas to them. Take, for example, a “Hybrid aerospace submarine aircraft” or even a “space-time modification weapon “. At first glance, these inventions seem straight out of a novel or a science fiction movie. Nevertheless, the Pentagon did filed patents in connection with the ideas of the engineer.

Several physicists and other skeptical researchers were interviewed in an article by The reader published on January 26, 2021. According to them, most of the inventions in question are based on a theoretical physical phenomenon : the Pais effect. However, this comes from a movement of matter charged with electricity produced by rotations or vibrations accelerated then decelerated. Only here, Salvatore Pais is the only one to integrate this theory in his research. However, the physicists invited to speak about it consider the latter fanciful, despite the interest shown by the US military.

“Imagine our Navy’s submarines, planes and vehicles powered by the energy of virtually limitless fusion. Imagine the power of the Sun contained in a relatively small space ” can we read in an official document (PDF in English / 9 pages) concerning a prototype generator. According to Salvatore Pais, this type of generator could lead to the manufacture of a “space-time modification weapon that would make the H-bomb look like a firecracker “. Charming.

Credit: US Department of Navy / Salvatore Pais

A certain credibility granted by the army

For The reader, the US military files for patents, but does not really hope to apply the innovations and inventions described therein. It may be a way to cover their tracks regarding his actual scientific research. Nothing is certain about this, but it could also be that the experiments on these sci-fi machines and vehicles aim to explain the unexplained phenomena observed by the military, for example UFOs.

We speak from experience because, precisely, Salvatore Pais’ theories have gone beyond patent filings. Between 2018 and 2019, around ten technicians worked on the generator prototype described above. These have spent about 1,600 hours on the subject, and this for a budget of more than 450,000 dollars. This is a drop in the bucket in the army’s budget, but all the same, the army gives the engineer some credibility.

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