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Hong Kong and the Chinese Noose

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The port city, which was once promised a large economic and administrative autonomy until 2047, based on the principle of “one country, two systems”, tied up. The resistance of the liberal fringe of the Hong Kong population against the growing stranglehold of Beijing has resulted in an acceleration of the decline of democratic freedoms. To struggle against the noose of the Chinese Communist Party therefore seems suicidal. At this rate, the last vestiges of democracy in the “perfumed port” will have disappeared long before 2047.

In 2014, calls for the election by direct universal suffrage of the chief executive of the special administrative region multiplied, to which China responded by proposing that the population choose from among three candidates previously selected by the Election Committee, to Beijing’s pay. Concession insufficient for many, who are mobilizing for total freedom in the choice of the executive. The resulting “umbrella revolution” is stifled by the police and the judiciary. In June 2015, the idea of ​​reforming the Hong Kong political system was rejected: the chief executive would continue to be elected by the Election Committee. Sword in the water then. But the executioner is now on his guard, and the culprit on the scaffold.

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