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Here is the male body type that women prefer

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An Australian university did a study that some men might not like. According to the results, women prefer torsos sporting proud abs. The study is also unanimous since no woman questioned said they prefer less drawn male bodies.

Findings of a study on men’s physique surprised researchers

Certainly, “it’s not just the physical that counts“. In contrast, physical appearance plays a role which is far from negligible in the phenomenon of attraction. If men are generally more focused on the physique than women, a study nonetheless looked at the preferences of the latter. Published in 2017 in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a study by Griffith University (Australia) had collected information on the male body type that women prefer.

No less than 160 women had participated in this work. The scientists had shown them photographs of male torsos (without the head), some of which showed great physical strength. “We were not surprised that women find physically strong men attractive. […] What surprised us was how powerful the effect was ”, Aaron Sell, lead author of the study, said in an article by The Guardian.

Credit: Sukhjinder / PixaHive

Results to put into perspective

The researchers were all the more surprised that none of the women in the study indicated that they preferred male bodies deemed to be “weaker”. Thus, if your partner explains to you that you prefer “normal” torsos and that you do not have a body sculpted in the rock, there is a good chance that the latter is simply trying not to offend you. However, the sample size being relatively weak, this allows these conclusions to be put into perspective. Indeed, a small sample is not necessarily indicative of a real trend.

All the same, let us mention the fact that the study in question was not intended to complex men not having the famous chocolate bars so sought after by some people. Moreover, women are unlikely to choose their companion based on this detail. Other characteristics obviously come into play such as face, charm, allure or even attitude.

Finally, let’s talk about a survey conducted by the site and relayed in several media early 2021. No less than 2,000 single people (men and women) attracted to men were interviewed. Gold, 75% of them said they preferred men with a little stomach and 20% said they were more interested in personality.


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