Here is Canoo, an electric pickup very different from the Cybertruck in terms of design!

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Not long ago, the Canoo brand unveiled an electric pickup with rather rounded shapes. Thus, its design seems to be the opposite of that of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Nevertheless, the vehicle in question stands out and bears no resemblance to what is currently on the market.

An “anti-cyber truck” design

At the end of 2019, Elon Musk presented Tesla’s highly anticipated pickup: the Cybertruck. This presentation had also caused much ink to flow, especially because of its amazing futuristic curves. In addition, its body would be made of an ultra-resistant stainless steel alloy. By the way, there seemed to be room for improvement with regard to the windows. Indeed, Elon Musk had used a kind of steel bullet to test them, with very relative success.

In a statement on March 10, 2021, the Canoo brand based in California (United States) unveiled an “all-round” pick-up. And the least we can say is that its design contrasts completely with that of the angular Cybertruck. Nevertheless, like the latter, Canoo’s pickup also seems straight out of a sci-fi movie, unlike anything known.

Canoo insists on modularity

Just like Tesla, Canoo obviously desires bring a touch of originality at the level of the electric pick-ups. The front of its cabin looks like a bubble, and its trailer has no right angles. Nevertheless, the Californian start-up stood out above all from the point of view of modularity. Indeed, the machine has a trunk at the front and allows access to the trailer from all sides. Let us also mention the presence of partitions giving the possibility of organizing compartments in the trailer.

The pick-up also contains sliding storage on the sides of the body as well as a luggage rack at the roof. In addition, the vehicle has an ultra-compatible power strip as well as overall lighting for the trailer. In addition, camping enthusiasts may see an interest in choosing an available option that allows them to transform the rear of the machine and make it a sort of habitable van (see below).

Credit: Canoo

A little light autonomy

As for the engine, the pick-up will be available in two versions, namely rear-wheel drive or two-engine, one for each axle. This latter, more efficient configuration is designed to provide up to 600 horsepower and 670 Nm of torque. As for its payload, it will amount to a maximum of 800 kg for a range of approximately 300 km. Let us recall in passing that Tesla promises 480 km of autonomy for the Cybertruck and up to 800 in the case of the triple engine configuration.

Although the figures for the autonomy of the Canoo pickup remain theoretical for the time being, the vehicle may well fail to appeal to users living in remote rural areas. The distances to be covered are indeed very long and nothing indicates that it will exist or not. charging stations on the way. The “camping tent” option could therefore be a flop if autonomy is not increased.

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