Here is Anuanurunga, a small Polynesian atoll for sale!

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Have you always dreamed of living on a desert island? Not long ago, a real estate agency in French Polynesia published an advertisement and a video regarding the sale of an uninhabited atoll. The latter is part of the Tuamotu archipelago, several hundred kilometers from Tahiti.

An uninhabited and preserved “paradise”

When we look at a map, Anuanurunga Atoll represents an infinitely small point and above all, completely lost in the pacific ocean. And yet this one is for sale, as explained a statement of the Thisse Group published on February 9, 2021. In addition, this real estate agency from Papeete (Tahiti) accompanied its publication with a magnificent video to watch at the end of the article. On the program: sandy beaches, lagoon with deep blue waters and lush vegetation where many species are found.

Anuanurunga atoll is located approximately 700 km as the crow flies from Tahiti, in the Tuamotu archipelago. It is a circular shaped atoll comprising six distinct islets, the diameter of which is 3.3 km in diameter. The emerged lands cover a total area of ​​7 km² and the lagoon, 2.6 km². In addition, it should be noted that the atoll in question is none other than the coral outgrowth of the summit of an underwater volcanic mount of the same name, formed between forty to sixty million years ago. Another fact: offshore, it is possible to see Nukutepipi, a private island belonging to Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil.

Credits: Google Maps capture

Very remote, the atoll is however accessible from Tahiti international airport. In its press release, the agency mentions a “Rare opportunity to own a preserved and uninhabited island”, who will offer “Peace and quiet in the South Pacific to the happy new owner”. However, you must contact the real estate agency to know the amount of this unusual land.

Discovered four centuries ago

The Anuanurunga Atoll has apparently been discovered by explorer Pedro Fernandes de Quirós in 1606 who named it “Cuatro Coronas” (four crowns in French). Another mention appears much later under the name “Carteret Island”, when the English explorer Philip Carteret explores it in 1767. The American navigator Charles Wilkes will go there in 1841, on his return from his southern expedition.

Around 1850, Anuanurunga becomes a French possession that the Polynesian populations permanently abandon. According to the real estate agency, the atoll was ceded to an individual in 1918, but the latter died two years ago. His children having inherited the property seem not to want to settle there, hence its recent sale.

Here is the wonderful video published by Groupe Thisse:

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