Healthy and Sustainable Nutrition Evenings

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Dear friends of Positive Nutrition,

Many of you read me (nearly 3 million last year on the site) and I can only be grateful to you, a big thank you!

The project to create a blog was born as a result of my conferences. You regularly asked me if I had written a book or reference articles to advise you on how to better understand nutrition. From its launch, I was the first surprised by the success of the site and I am still delighted. For several years, however, I have wanted to share with you my passion for nutrition in a more human, more interactive way. I therefore have the great pleasure to announce the launch of the Evenings of Positive Nutrition. The idea is very simple: meet us at parties to discuss, while inviting you to discover the odyssey of nutrition, nothing less!

I indeed wish to go further than “simple” conferences. 3 years ago, I launched a cycle of professional education through the Academy of Positive Nutrition, exciting and constantly evolving. However, these training courses are not accessible to all audiences because their aim is to integrate nutrition into professional practice. To offer a teaching program open to all, to allow you to see more clearly in the current nutritional cacophony, is very important to me. I therefore propose, not an evening, but a program of 10 Evenings of Positive Nutrition.

We will gradually evolve in the discovery of the fabulous universe of positive nutrition, from the knowledge of the fundamental bases of diet and health to nutritional solutions to the diseases of civilization, through the analysis of the interest of food supplements . Here is the program :

    • Evening 1 : How are we the main player in our health? How does your diet influence your vitality?
    • Evening 2 : The intestinal microbiota, a new organ at the heart of your health. How to take care of it and how to regain your digestive comfort? What about liver detoxification?
    • Evening 3 : The blood sugar load at the heart of your physical and intellectual well-being, your weight management and the prevention of diseases of civilization. In practice, what is the ideal breakfast?
    • Evening 4 : How to organize meals during the day? Should we fast? How to reduce stress and sleep well with nutrition?
    • Evening 5 : Why eat (well) fat? How the choice of fats you eat affect your health, your mood and the prevention of inflammatory or degenerative diseases. Why pay attention to the quality of the proteins consumed?
    • Evening 6 : How to decipher the labels and understand what is behind the lists of ingredients? What to think of the agro-food industry?
    • Evening 7 : How to take care of the planet and its health at the same time? Why and how to reduce your meat consumption? Where to shop ? Which storage and cooking methods to choose? Which cooking utensils to favor?
    • Evening 8 : How to reach and maintain a healthy weight? The keys to a diet that respects your health and your pleasure. How can acid-base balance prevent osteoporosis and many disorders?
    • Evening 9 : What should we think of food supplements? How to distinguish those of quality and in which framework to use them in full safety?
    • Evening 10 : Evening of discussions on nutritional solutions to the main diseases of civilization (accelerated aging, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, etc.).

Depending on your affinity for the topics covered, you can join us for an evening of discovery on the theme of your choice or participate in the entire cycle. I advise you of course the second solution insofar as I built the program so that it is scalable. It follows a logic of progressive acquisition of knowledge about nutrition and health to allow you to become independent in your food choices. We will also get to know each other and I will be able to best meet your expectations.

Beyond the theoretical knowledge and the practical tools that I offer to the Evenings of Positive Nutrition, I indeed hope that these will be above all a time of exchange, sharing and conviviality. Depending on the location, we can also continue this evening around a meal dedicated to sustainable health. For this reason, The number of places is limited.

If you wish to join us, I invite you to discover the dates of the Positive Nutrition Evenings in Paris, Nantes and Angers here or by email at [email protected]

We hope to count you among us in this new adventure of the Evenings of Positive Nutrition.

See you soon,

Anthony Berthou