Half a century ago, this man tried to return to his country “by mail”

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More than half a century ago, a Welshman working in Australia tried to return to his country through an incredible means. When he could not afford to buy a plane ticket, the man decided to send himself by mail. He will have traveled several days in a wooden crate, risking his life.

Can’t afford to buy a plane ticket

Brian Robson is a 75-year-old retired Welshman. When he was 19 in 1965, he was in Australia, employed by the railway company of the province of Victoria. While on an immigration program, Brian Robson began to feel homesick. Only here, his salary of 40 pounds per month did not allow him to buy a plane ticket to return to his native land.

With the help of two Irish sidekicks – Paul and John – the man decides to be sent by courier. Specifically, it was air freight. After completing the shipping documents, the two friends nailed down the wooden crate where Brian Robson was located. In addition, the document stated that it was a computer. It must be said that at that time, computers were much larger than those available to the general public today.

Inside, the clandestine unsurprisingly had a basic comfort : a torch, a suitcase, a Beatles songbook and two bottles – for water and urine. The point is that he expected a 36 hour trip. However, not everything went as planned.

A much longer trip than expected

The caisse begins its journey in Melbourne but does not join Europe as fast as hoped. Indeed, the plane makes its first stopover in Sydney, during which the body is placed upside down. Brian Robson therefore stayed upside down for about 22 hours! Then, the crate was placed on a plane bound for Los Angeles (United States). In total, the man will have remained five days in his prison Of wood.

In Los Angeles, the cash register ends its race in a goods shed and Brian Robson thinks he is in London. Suddenly – through a hole in the cash register – he meets the gaze of a panicked US customs officer. The latter thought he had made the discovery of a corpse. An hour later, the CIA, FBI and airport security disembarked. After an obviously confusing situation, Brian Robson was taken to the hospital. It must be said that after these five days spent in the fund, the person concerned had lost the use of his limbs.

In his work entitled Escape from the cash register (coming soon), Brian Robson says the United States has not filed a complaint. They even sent him back to the UK on a commercial flight. The man regrets never having been able to find his two Irish friends who helped him at the beginning of his journey. He would have liked to meet them again to offer them a drink.

Credit: Austin Macauley Publishers

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