Guy Parmelin does the job

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The function makes the man or the woman, it is said. Sometimes a man honors the office. We must therefore recognize the President of the Confederation, Guy Parmelin, that he honors his office and his title. As the Vaudois say, it disappoints us for the better. We were wrong, last November (LT of 07.11 2020), to harbor concerns about the ability of the Minister of the Economy to assume the presidency of the Confederation with the firmness and loftiness of views necessary in this period of crisis and challenges for the country. It is true that the vagueness of his remarks regarding measures intended to relieve the economy – “We study carefully, we analyze, we must follow the rules” – did not manage, then, to prevent us from sinking into collective anxiety. . Far from the image of the “big bad guy” who seemed bound to stick to his skin, since the beginning of the year he will have revealed himself to be a president who is careful about the preservation of institutions, attentive to the economic consequences of the pandemic and concerned. of the best interests of the country.

The rupture of Brussels

We had said the minister “man under the influence”, the president is able to free himself. At the end of February, his firm rejection of the accusations of “dictatorship of the Federal Council” made by the leaders of his own party, the SVP, had settled with the kicks under the table of his finance colleague, Ueli Maurer. “If we talk about bad institutions and destabilize them, we threaten the Swiss system. It’s dangerous, ”he chapters the SVP caciques. He placed his function above his political allegiance and petty electoral calculations. This week, we did not sufficiently note the rupture, for an elected member of the national-conservative right, that constitutes the project of trip to Brussels. While Ignazio Cassis is careful not to set foot there … While the negotiations for the institutional agreement with the EU are in a calamitous situation and the Federal Council is unable to defend a clear strategy, there is nothing to gain for the President of Confederation. Either he brings back some assurances as a rattle, and he places himself in opposition to the orthodoxy of the Blochérienne SVP. Or, more likely, he returns empty-handed and he will have to undergo a personal mortification. But it does the job.