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Guillaume Taylor: “Sustainable finance must redefine collective responsibility”

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A specialist in impact finance, Guillaume Taylor was on sabbatical in a Tasmanian forest when the pandemic became a global reality, between February and April 2020. When he turned his smartphone back on, the Genevan who grew up in the United States. Unis found three types of messages there: some interlocutors were looking for answers to the pandemic, others spoke to it about solutions for a more sustainable world, and still others campaigned for individuals to think differently about their well-being. The pandemic has caused a change in perception, sums up the boss of Quadia, a management company that invests in companies that do good for the planet. According to him, if it wants to become truly sustainable, finance must also change software and reinvent its operating methods. Investing in areas that are more beneficial to the environment is far not enough, he argues. Active since 2010, Quadia manages around 250 million euros in assets, with 16 employees.

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