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Guillaume Dustan, the glorious body

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At the end of his short life, Guillaume Dustan (1965-2005) had become the man to kill. HIV-positive, he campaigned in favor of unprotected sex, appeared dressed in wigs on touting TV sets, a caricature that had become a fairground animal. Sixteen years later, his work resists. Time has done its work: where we thought to detect only masochistic narcissistic provocation arises with gentleness.

If we only remembered the novelist his raw and compulsive sex scenes, we can see today how much is a question in his pages of love, joy and freedom. Of pleasure. He was confined to a gay “ghetto” (the Parisian Marais district), while his work shifts the global limits of society in terms of couple, family, enjoyment, fighting against the “generalized castration” which hinders all. the bodies. Finally, we discover Guillaume Dustan videographer: thirteen films are shown for the first time in Switzerland, at the Fri Art center, after having been restored and unveiled at the Center Pompidou, in Paris, in 2019, then in Marseille in 2020.

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