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Green youth launch initiative for environmental responsibility

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The Young Greens decided on Saturday to launch an initiative for environmental responsibility, they said in a statement. The text calls for a fundamental change in the economic system, making environmental protection a clear priority.

The launch of this initiative was decided at the party’s online general assembly on Saturday. The text was approved, with some abstentions, by the more than 100 participants, told Keystone-ATS Julia Küng, co-chair of the Young Greens. The start of the signature collection should take place in August.

Imports also concerned

For the Young Greens, “beautiful declarations of intent” in terms of climate protection are not enough. A fundamental transformation of the economy and society is needed, according to the press release.

With this initiative, the Young Greens want all economic activities in Switzerland to take place only within the natural limits of the Earth, i.e. limits which, if exceeded, endanger the basis of human life. .

Switzerland must respect these limits in six areas within ten years: climate, biodiversity, water consumption, land use, air pollution and nitrogen and phosphorus inputs.

The economy should thus use resources and release pollutants without exceeding the natural limits of the Earth. Imports into Switzerland should also be taken into account. It is imperative that the implementation be done in a socially responsible manner, the statement said.

By August, the final text and the initiative committee should be in place. After the “anti-4×4”, “Stop spillage” and “Against the war trade” initiatives, this is the fourth national popular initiative of the Young Greens.

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