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“You can’t play hypocrites … get indignant at a threat here and tolerate an attack there.” This last Monday, the journalist and former deputy Guy Mettan relayed in The weather some of the criticisms addressed from German-speaking Switzerland, in particular by the former UDC national adviser Claudio Zanetti, to defenders of democracy for their bias in their indignation. Why, he asks, rise up against a band of rioters invading the Capitol and say nothing about “the so-called pro-democracy activists supported by the United States who vandalized the Hong Kong parliament in June 2019? “

Out of our humble reach

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Previous columns:

Here we are, beautiful souls, caught up in our contradictions. Alas, we are first and foremost humans, with our weaknesses, our inadequacies and our blinders. Unlike the Geneva deputies, the capacity for indignation of ordinary women and men is limited. You have to have sat on the Geneva Grand Council to petition, the same year, let’s say at random in 2001, both against the WHO, the Chinese leaders, Swissair, Augusto Pinochet. And ask for the indictment of Henry Kissinger a few days after the worst terrorist attacks, those of September 11, 2001, against the United States. Such a faculty to embrace all causes and to moralize the world is beyond our humble reach.