Geneva will wait until 2030 to pedestrianize its city center

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The city center of Geneva will not experience any new parking. The Clé-de-Rive project, launched in 2007, clearly failed at the polls, with more than 63% of no. This municipal election offers a success to the left, which now relies on its double majority to finally transform the area around rue Pierre-Fatio, otherwise the slalom between buses, trams, bikes and cars will remain the rule in this roundabout. point.

The Greens launched, last September, a popular initiative to pedestrianize this center. It is currently being validated by the Council of State, which is due to give its verdict in June. Omar Azzabi, co-president of the environmental party, announces not to be satisfied with this weapon: From next week, we will file requests for study credit for improvements. If the initiative is validated, we will withdraw them. “

Status quo Place de Neuve

The specter of the status quo explains this determination. The example of the Place de Neuve, where a parking project had failed in the nineties and where no development was carried out, should serve as a foil. “The population has decided,” he continues. All parties must now work together for the benefit of all. The planets are aligned. ”

The signs given by the PDC and the PLR ​​reassure Joëlle Bertossa, co-president of the Socialist City of Geneva party. “They came out in favor of pedestrianization,” she recalls. We must mobilize together to move the lines, also at the cantonal level. ” A law of strict compensation in the basement of parking spaces disappearing on the surface indeed represents an obstacle to the realization of several developments. “The left has no more excuses, admits Joëlle Bertossa. We have a great responsibility. The aim is to achieve results by 2030. ” Why so late? “It takes on average 6 to 7 years between a study credit and its realization, answers Omar Azzabi. We must respect the democratic process while gaining in efficiency to avoid recourse. ”

The committee in favor of parking “believes that Geneva has missed out on an opportunity that will not come up again for many years”.

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