Geneva-based GeNeuro tackles covid and its title soars

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After flying on Thursday, GeNeuro’s title stabilized on Friday and traded around 5 euros at the end of the day. Based in Geneva, the biotech specializing in the development of treatments intended to slow the development of autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases saw the value of its share increase to a peak of nearly 40% on the Paris stock exchange where it The company is listed, going from 4.21 euros to 5.86. An increase caused by the same day publication of a study conducted by researchers from Tor Vergata University in Rome in collaboration with the International Center for Infectious Disease Research (CIRI) in Lyon and GeNeuro, in the journal EBioMedicine of the Lancet.

The latter presents data establishing a correlation between the presence of a protein in the blood of patients and severe forms of covid where it could play a role of accelerator. The human endogenous retrovirus pathogenic envelope protein W (HERV-W ENV) is known to have a pro-inflammatory effect in brain tissue in certain diseases.