Funny trade around the shops

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The UDC has made businesses its political business. It is fair game, as the fed up of the population, the independents, traders, restaurateurs who are forbidden to work is great. This weekend again, the party loudly demanded immediate deconfinement. But he realizes that it is not enough to surf on people’s discontent, because the health situation remains delicate.

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Certainly, its toughest members, such as Thomas Matter, always want to reopen everything right away. But the party leadership is now considering a less vindictive plan B: it asks the Federal Council to “present, at least, a phased exit strategy” promoting the differentiated reopening of shops, sports activities without physical contact and mountain restaurants. . This concession is appreciable on the part of a party used to showing its biceps in all circumstances.

Immediate deconfinement is unrealistic. Just because Austria will break down next Monday doesn’t mean Switzerland can do the same. On the one hand, the restrictions imposed by the neighbor to the east are not identical to those of Switzerland. Austrian schools and hairdressing salons were closed, this was not the case here. And the conditions for the reopening include measures that Switzerland does not want to impose, such as the obligation of FFP2 type masks.

In addition, the health situation has not been sufficiently restored for the Federal Council to be expected to decide this Wednesday already to re-authorize all economic activities, suspended in the hope of stemming the spread of the pandemic.

However, we are entitled to expect three things from him. First, it must confirm its ability to set up, with the cantons, an efficient and ambitious mechanism for distributing funds intended for victims of the restrictions it has imposed itself. Second, the government must plan to end the crisis.

Third, insofar as the reopening of businesses offering goods deemed non-essential is not immediately, he has the responsibility to bring order to the mismanagement that reigns in the country. Testimonies reporting the most absurd situations are multiplying in the media: soft toys on sale here but not there, gift vouchers prohibited in such and such a canton, household products authorized in such and such a store but not in such another, etc. It is around these three issues that political parties, UDC included, must mobilize.

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