From leader to “simple” employee, a transition against the tide

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Becoming a chef or chef: an accomplishment that many dream of, and widely valued by society. And yet, it can happen, once the objective is reached, that some give it up. This is the case with Thor Maeder-Gerber. After twenty years in management positions in NGOs, and the last as director of the Parc du Doubs, in the Jura massif, he is now looking, after having resigned, for a position as “simple” employee.

A well-considered decision for the fifty-year-old: “I invested a lot of myself, work was my whole existence. I also aspire to deploy myself in my family life and to rediscover the pleasure of getting involved elsewhere as well. ” Thor Maeder-Gerber notes that in his knowledge, some executives with similar profiles have the same desire. “They no longer want to feel that they are missing out on certain moments in their personal lives.”