From 110 days to 60: how Pfizer wants to reduce production time per dose

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February 10

■ A factory in Germany and a shortage of syringes

Marburg is on! BioNTech has launched the production of the active substance of its vaccine at its main German production site. For this type of vaccine, it is one of the largest in Europe with that of Lonza in Visp, with a capacity of 750 million doses per year (this is how they are produced). The first is expected in early April. The group works in particular with Merck, its lipid supplier, and Novartis, in a plant in Aargau. This month, the Airfinity agency lists 234 industrial partnerships of this type in the creation of vaccines against Covid.

Will they have enough syringes, especially the so-called “low dead space” model? Nothing is less certain as it is lacking. This model, which saves the notorious sixth dose of Pfizer’s vaccine, is out of stock, according to Bloomberg. Japan would consider throw away a large number of vaccines because of this shortage.