Frightened by the start of unionism, Amazon is accused of the worst practices

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These are posters stuck in front of urinals. These are text messages sent daily by Amazon to its employees. They are also anti-union pins distributed by the multinational. Amazon, which has 800,000 employees on American soil, has for days used a wide range of instruments to discourage its subordinates from unionizing, angering the UNI Global Union, based in Nyon (VD). Because, since Monday, several thousand employees working in a logistics center in Alabama are trying to form a union, an American first within the e-commerce giant.

In recent months, employees of the multinational had protested several times in the United States about their working conditions and to demand higher wages and better protection against the virus. But never in an organized manner, the employees not being unionized. But that could change. Since Monday, the 5,800 employees of a logistics center located in Bessemer, Alabama, began the first consultation to unionize. The vote, by mail, is to last until March 29. It will succeed in a positive way if, first, 30% of the employees want a formal vote to take place. It is then necessary that more than half of voters wish to join a union for it to be recognized by Amazon.