François Asselineau, from Frexit to justice

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Those in favor of France’s outright exit from the European Union have no doubt lost their main political spokesperson. Candidate for the French presidential election, credited with a very meager score in the first round with 0.92% of the vote, François Asselineau is today entangled in a matter of morals which could put an end to his public career. Indicted Friday for “moral and sexual harassment” against former collaborators of his micro-party the UPR (Union Populaire Républicaine), this 63-year-old French official, member of the prestigious body of the financial inspectorate (as Emmanuel Macron), is accused by two men, former employees of his training. The person, who has always firmly denied and enjoys the presumption of innocence, is now under judicial control.

Radical anti-EU posture

The notoriety of François Asselineau, whom Le Temps had met during his presidential campaign, is due to two characteristics: his radical anti-EU posture, modeled on the Brexit of the United Kingdom, and his ability to flood the arteries of large metropolises with his posters. , in particular Paris where his face often adorned the streets located around the Ministry of Finance, his place of work and his main opponent, through the Euro that he never ceased to slay.