France Ortelli: “We must live an emotional revolution”

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That’s it. The lingerie-champagne-chocolate box with its “expert advice to make her happy” appeared at the bend of a page in your browser, then, a notch above the scale of consumerism dedicated to Cupid, the brush electric tooth ring surrounded by small purple hearts. This weekend will be the occasion of a sting of romance for some, while others will sigh or castigate a mercantilist celebration under sentimental cover. Yet love, and especially the meetings necessary for its emergence, has been taking a hit since March 2020. But even before the pandemic, could we really meet?

Journalist France Ortelli has been asking this question for several years, while the possibilities for virtual interactions have never been so numerous but the number of singles follows the same exponential curve. As she publishes Our Wild Hearts, an investigation into the vertigo of love choice(Ed. Arkhê), she shares her thoughts with Time and invites her to offer flowers to her friends as well as to her loves for Valentine’s Day which, originally, was in fact a celebration dedicated to singles.