Forgotten women of letters put back in the spotlight

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Out of oblivion

The National Library of France intends to give pride of place to forgotten authors. The heritage establishment is announcing a series of conferences, accessible online, from this month of January until April devoted to Catherine Bernard, Marie-Anne Barbier, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore and Hélène Bessette.

If the first two are part of the seventeenth century, the third lived the romanticism of the nineteenth century while Hélène Bessette is a child of the twenty-first. A journey through eras, always with the same observation: forgetting. Reviewing, through academics and lecturers, the literary production of these four women, the BnF presents an ambitious program: “The study of each author and her status in literary history thus reveals the processes and mechanics which, through the centuries, have tried to make women writers forget. ”