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For a hundred years, Megève and the Rothschilds have gone hand in hand

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From Mont-d’Arbois at 1350 meters, Megève spreads out its constellation of chalets below. Never too tall, never too grimy. Almost simple. This is what differentiates the Haut-Savoyard resort from others which have heavily concreted and piled the floors. Megève, 3,100 inhabitants, 50,000 in winter (except of course this year), has remained a village. Streets dedicated to pedestrians, small local shops and, around, land still given over to cows and sheep. “We have succeeded here in the compromise between luxury and family, the Rothschilds have a lot to do with it”, summarizes Catherine Jullien-Brèches, the mayor.

Return to Mont-d’Arbois. “A bubble of contemplation”, nicely describes an ambassador of Edmond de Rothschild Heritage, which since 2016 brings together lifestyle activities, including wine growing, gastronomy and luxury hotels. The 2020-2021 season was to celebrate the centenary of the very close bond between the Rothschild family and the resort. Alas, the health crisis has reduced the festivities to a skin of “seals”. We lit in red (the color of the Rothschilds) the big tree and a superb work, Megève, 100 years of Rothschild commitment 1920-2020 has been published; that’s pretty much it.

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