Fish To Go, the sustainable fishing basket

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We know well cod, salmon, whiting or plaice. These are the fish that are found in most plastic trays on the supermarket shelves. Unless you live near a fish shop, it is difficult to discover other species. Not to mention the excesses of industrial fishing, which tarnish the tasting. The Fish To Go service is changing that.

Behind this English-speaking name, we discover a micro-enterprise that bridges the gap between sustainable fishing and French-speaking cuisine. The idea is to offer a surprise basket every week, individually or in the form of a subscription every week or every fortnight. The latter, about 15% more expensive than supermarket prices, is made up of three lots: a whole fish, a fillet and seafood, depending on the auction, according to the rhythm of the fishing and the seasons.

“We are moving towards simple products, to put fish back in the center of the table. Each delivery is accompanied by easy recipe ideas, as well as information on the origin ”, details Mathieu petel, co-partner of Takeaway fish with Julien Bertinelli.

From sea to plate

This former employee of a platform dedicated to hospitality professionals which was stopped by the crisis launched Fish to Go in October. “Chefs can get great quality products, but individuals do not have easy access to this top choice. With the principle of lots at auction, we can fill this gap in the market, ”he says. Each fish comes from line fishing, shore fishing or coastal fishing in Brittany or Normandy.

Respectful techniques, on a human scale, which meet very strict specifications. A tab on the site devoted to fishing methods allows you to understand the differences between trawls, dredges or traps. Another unveils a selection of grocery products, without preservatives or additives, including sardines from the Chez Courtin cannery, where all the work is done by hand.

The company will soon put online an auction sale, in addition to the basket, based on a weekly selection. And work in parallel on the development of a similar offer with the fish of the lake.

Takeaway fish, the basket of the sea, deliveries to Lausanne and Geneva. Find all the articles in the “One day an idea“.