First tensions around the “covid certificate” of ELCA and Sicpa

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Suddenly, Switzerland is accelerating. On Tuesday, the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) announced that a decision concerning the “covid certificate” (also called “vaccination passport”) would be announced within the week. On Wednesday, Alain Berset mentioned its possible entry into force in June. And on Thursday, the OFSP affirmed that two solutions remained in the running: the joint offer of the Lausanne IT company ELCA – as it had sketched Time -, associated with the firm Sicpa (specializing in authentication solutions), faced with the offer from the Federal Office for Information Technology and Telecommunications (OFIT).

Events follow one another at a steady pace, and the first tensions appear. This article does not intend to exacerbate them. But it seems important to us to shed light on them, as the stakes around this certificate are so important. And these tensions are, without doubt, only a faint glimpse of what awaits us in a few weeks, when ethical questions arise.