Federal Council tries to unite a divided Switzerland

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Switzerland is more divided than ever. Some of the citizens demand the end of this light semi-confinement. They cry out loud and give the impression of being in the majority, because they benefit from the support of the SVP, the PLR ​​and the economic circles.

More discreet, another part of the population, listening to the majority of epidemiologists, calls for stricter measures to fight against the pandemic: a confinement two or three weeks, the closure of ski resorts and even schools.

Moderate easing

Torn between these two positions, the Federal Council finally opted for moderate easing. With a strong measure all the same: the reopening of all businesses. And above all, the government is giving prospects this time: for March 1 first, then for April 1 if the number of new infections continues to decline. A horizon, the President of the Confederation, Guy Parmelin, also wanted to open one for the great forgotten of this pandemic: young people. In a vibrant appeal, he asked them to hold on and praised them for their ingenuity in dealing with this crisis.

The two UDC ministers support Berset

The government intends to bring together the entire population, beyond the generations, and for that, it needs unity. Ueli Maurer thus made an impression by taking the floor to remind people that decisions were collegial and thus support Alain Berset. Guy Parmelin went on to point out that Mr. Berset was not a dictator. Strong support at a time when their party, the SVP, continues to attack the Minister of Health. Just like the PLR ​​for that matter. Let us hope that these two formations, in competition to appear as the true defenders of the economy, will hear this message and will stop this agitation which destabilizes the population. With a right-wing majority, the Federal Council does not take restrictive measures based on ideology.

The announcements of this Wednesday will not calm some strongly affected actors, such as restaurateurs or cultural circles. Their impatience is perfectly understandable, but at least some new aid will be released. It will be up to the cantons to pay them.

After a year of deprivation, a gigantic ras-le-bol travels all over Switzerland. So that it does not turn into an explosion, everyone is called upon to take their responsibilities and avoid adding fuel to the fire. As for the Federal Council, it must remain united, coherent and transparent.

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