End of the state of shock for recruiters

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Imagine that in the summer the pandemic loses its virulence and that we return to a semblance of normalcy. There will be some turmoil again in the largely petrified C-Level market for executive jobs. Temporary employment agencies are no longer constantly called upon to cushion extreme fluctuations in the labor market. In the area of ​​“professional search”, ie the recruitment of specialists up to an annual salary of 150,000 francs, activities are resuming resolutely. And new records are being broken on online job sites.

How many of these providers washed away by a year of health crisis will have enough resources to climb on the recovery train? How many of them will have adapted their tools and their offers to the overwhelming needs of job seekers and employers? After all, many executives don’t intend to give up telecommuting anytime soon, and some want to continue working and leading in a fully digital fashion.

And which executive recruiting company will have kept its portfolio of candidates up to date despite the crisis in order to be in a position, starting in the summer, to recruit again with all the desired quality?

There is hope, however, as quite a few providers have been surprisingly flexible during the pandemic. They devised new methods to network managers on the management levels of Swiss companies. They have been surprisingly robust in the face of hitherto unknown fluctuations in the labor market – especially in logistics in the spring of last year – and have been able to work in a fully digital way. Many of them have been able to exploit the strengths of their regional roots or their penetration into specific branches and navigate the swells of these months of crisis whose end we do not yet see.

In this special issue, together with Statista, we provide a comprehensive overview of the industry. We would like to point out to you which companies fared particularly well in this gloomy year and which therefore enjoy good conditions for a recovery that we hope will be close. Perhaps this recovery will indicate even more clearly than the Covid-19 crisis which companies are really competitive to face the decade of 2020 and which may have an interest in allying themselves with the competition or, at the very least. , to create networks. In the field of “professional search” in particular, such developments will be difficult to avoid in 2021.


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