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[En continu] The virus “most likely” came from animal transmission

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TheWorld Health Organization will publish its final report on the origins of the pandemic.

On Sunday, federal officials said the automatic tests will be available from April 7th.

our Sunday follow-up

■ The virus was “most likely” transmitted from animals

A leak from a laboratory as an explanation for the origin is an “extremely unlikely” lead, indicates the final report of the World Health Organization, which AFP obtained. Transmission to humans by an intermediate animal is a “probable to very probable” hypothesis.

■ In Mexico, figures dramatically revised upwards

Mexico recorded 294,287 deaths associated with Covid-19, as of February 13, 69.3% more than those originally listed for the same period, according to an official report.

The Ministry of Health had previously listed 173,771 dead for the same period.

But a mortality study, released this week, indicates that since the start of the epidemic and through February 13, Mexico has actually recorded 294,287 deaths. The first death attributed to the coronavirus occurred there on March 18, 2020.

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