[En continu] The terraces war is on

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The essential

Since January 27, a day when the number of new cases in Switzerland fell below 2000, daily contaminations are stagnating. Yesterday Thursday, authorities announced 1,169 cases.

Researchers said Thursday that a new mutation The “worrying” virus, named B.1.526, is spreading “rapidly” in New York. This variant would have appeared in the city last November and now represent a quarter of new infections.

our follow-up of the day Thursday

■ In the United States, the deliberations on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will take place in public this Friday

This Friday, says the AFP agency, the vaccine against the Covid-19 of Johnson & Johnson will be scrutinized by a committee of experts, whose opinion, although advisory, will be taken into account for the conditional authorization of this third vaccine in the United States, which could intervene very quickly in the wake.

The discussions of this committee will be broadcast live on the internet throughout the day, as was the case before the emergency authorizations of Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna vaccines in the country.

For those who would like to follow, the viewing addresses are provided on this page.

Its members – about twenty people, mostly independent scientists, as well as a representative of the industry and a consumer – were able to analyze in detail the data of clinical trials, conducted on some 40,000 people. They will be able to ask their questions and make any criticisms in order to fuel the discussion.

This unusual exercise in transparency is also intended to reassure the general public by demonstrating the seriousness of the procedure.

Experts are tasked with answering the following question: Do the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks of its use? At the end of the day, they will vote in favor or not of what is called in the United States an authorization for emergency use.

■ The cantons of central Switzerland defend their terraces

We learned at the end of the day on Thursday: the resistance of the cantons of central Switzerland in terms of altitude terraces is now official. The terraces of their ski areas remain open for the moment Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz and Uri have indicated that no final decision has been taken regarding these terraces. These cantons therefore keep them open.

The health directors of the cantons of central Switzerland want to explain to the Federal Council the positive experiences that have been made with the terraces open to the ski areas. According to them, the distances around the take-out areas are better respected with clear seats and rules.

On Wednesday at a press conference, the Minister of Health Alain Berset was categorical, saying that maintaining open terraces is “illegal”.