[En continu] The Swiss return to terraces, cinemas and theaters this Monday

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The terraces, the cinemas, the theaters where the football stadiums reopen today, in accordance with the Federal Council decision of last Wednesday.

Find our follow-up of yesterday.

■ New death record in Peru

Authorities for the first time recorded more than 400 deaths in 24 hours in Peru, hard hit by the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus, the health ministry said.

In the past 24 hours, 433 deaths have been recorded, bringing the total death toll to 57,230 in the 13-month epidemic, the ministry said. New contaminations reached 7,131 during the same period, for a total of 1,704,757 cases recorded in Peru, a country of 33 million inhabitants.

The highest figure for daily deaths was previously 384 and dated April 10. Peru is currently facing a second wave of the epidemic that is pushing hospitals to the limits of their capacity. There are currently some 15,000 hospital patients including more than 2,600 in intensive care. In addition, saturated services lack oxygen and the vaccination campaign is progressing only slowly.

■ Strong emotion for the launch of the “bubble” between Australia and New Zealand

The emotion was strong Monday among the first passengers who boarded the flights of the “bubble” now allowing to travel between Australia and New Zealand without having to perform quarantine on arrival.

Separated families, since the border was closed almost 400 days ago due to the pandemic, have thus been able to reunite. “It’s a great day for families and their friends,” said New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, praising the effective policy to fight the coronavirus in both countries, which allowed the opening of this corridor. .

Before the pandemic, Australians represented the largest proportion of foreign tourists, 40%, traveling to New Zealand, with around 1.5 million arrivals in 2019. On the first day of the establishment of this corridor, most of the passengers were returning New Zealanders. Tourists should be more numerous during the next school holidays in Australia, scheduled in a few weeks.